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Best Male Vocalist - 2004 - Providence Phoenix 

Best Local Album -2011 - Motif Magazine 

Favorite Prog/Math Band - 2019 - Motif Magazine - WINNER

Favorite Cover Band - 2019 - Motif Magazine 

Favorite Tribute Act - 2021 - Motif Magazine 

Favorite Live Act - 2021 - Motif Magazine - WINNER

Favorite Cover Act - 2021 - Motif Magazine

 Favorite Live Act - 2022 - WINNER

Favorite Garage Band - 2022 - WINNER

Favorite Alt Vocalist - 2023

Favorite Live Alt Act - 2023

“You can call this the era of classic rock, progressive rock, arena rock, power pop or whatever else, but it was a time in music history that a lot of folks hold dear. Bringing this aesthetic into modern times are the David Tessier All-Star Stars based in Providence. They’ve garnered a legit local fan base over the past few years, and their new single came out on April 1 called “Tough Face Girl” via the local label 75orLess Records.” - Rob Duguay


‘The All-Star Stars are award-winning RI-based composer/actor/guitarist David Tessier’s performance ensemble. This year alone, the band has appeared in a host of shows in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire. Each set is composed of original songs and covers of all genres; their repertoire consists of numbers from “the prog-rock sounds of early Genesis and King Crimson, to the joyful sounds of The Beach Boys, Three Dog Night, David Bowie or The Cars, to the favorite tunes you remember from Glen Campbell and The James Gang.”

They also note with pride that they don’t just play the hits from each of these artists – they dig deep into their catalogs for lost classics and hidden gems, each one presented in a new and fresh way to reflect the new millennium. In the past, they have covered David Bowie’s sweeping sci-fi epic Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars, as well as epic performances of Jesus Christ Superstar in Concert, and Pink Floyd’s Animals, among other classics.” - MOTIF MAGAZINE 2022


“The delivery was so crisp and clear that I was back in the Sixties–not my own sixties, but the 1960s. That’s as true of the band’s iconic selections such as “The Weight,” well-known standards ranging from The Doors’ “Touch Me” to the Beach Boys’ “Good Vibrations,” zingers such as Chicago’s “Make Me Smile,” and songs from the 1980s when my music memory was already filled to capacity.

All of it is high energy, and back in the Sixties we had a litmus test for that. Every rock-and-roll concert included a drum solo, and drummer Nate Goncalo had as many parents bouncing in their seats as there were children bouncing in an open space before the stage all through the show. The test is how powerfully the rest of the band re-enters the song.

ASS kicked it. They kicked all night. Tessier on lead guitar, Jon Brennan on keyboard, Paulo “Zeus” Sousa on bass, and Justin Grankewicz adding either rhythm guitar or percussion. At least four shared lead vocals, with the recently engaged Grankewicz crooning a torch song much to Tessier’s amusement. (I might say all five, but Zeus was often out of my line of sight.)

As impressive as their musicianship, their high energy, their clarity, their off-the-beaten path selections, is their stamp. Songs such as Yes’s “Owner of a Lonely Heart” and the Association’s “Along Comes Mary” are not simply served up but are laced with what Tessier and his friends each do best. Back in the late Seventies I wondered how many times I could stand hearing “Blinded by the Light.” Last night while listening to Tessier’s riffs, I wondered if I ever heard it once.” - JACK GARVEY, Busker’s Delight Blog 


“I have a few favorite local bands that I like to try to see as often as I can. One of those bands is David Tessier’s All-Star Stars. Tessier has great taste in music and plays the songs that I love to hear. He will go from an obscure Monkees song to the full 17-minute long “Dogs” by Pink Floyd. Besides the band’s cover songs, Tessier includes his own epic compositions in the sets. I first caught his performance during a local production of Jesus Christ Superstar (the same one that Ava Callery was in). I also saw him in Perishable’s production of Hedwig and The Angry Inch andat King Richard’s Faire, and just a few weeks ago he was in the orchestra for Jesus Christ Superstar at the Granite Theatre in Westerly. Tessier has a very well-rounded and eclectic music resume. The All-Star Stars band members are talented and versatile singers and players as well. They bring the best of the ’60s and ’70s music to wherever they play. OnFriday, December 22,they will be at the Boundary Brewhouse in Pawtucket. You should take a chance, have a beer and enjoy the music of David Tessier’s All-Star Stars. For more, “Stepping Stone” to BoundaryBrewHouse.com” - John Fuzek, Motif Magazine, Dec 2017

“I first saw David Tessier and his backing band when they staged a production of the rock opera Hedwig and The Angry Inch. Since then they’ve done everything from tackling Jesus Christ Superstar to doing a run of shows as a Monkees cover band. On Dreams in Hyperspace, Tessier and his band, The All-Stars Stars, move somewhere between an intergalactic hybrid of Radiohead meets E.L.O. with a nod to ’70s Pink Floyd. Dreams in Hyperspace has a lost-in-space concept feel, but I guess hence the title, right? “Two Good Afternoons” reminds me of Pink Floyd meets Spacehog. “Hey Mary” starts like Radiohead’s “Creep” before blasting off into something more operatic, which was how E.L.O. came to mind. The instrumentals between songs serve to move the narration along and can vary from old school video game vibes (“The Dream Begins”) to spacey noise (“The Colder Still”). The closing “Edge of Contact” wraps up the story where unlike Ziggy Stardust, Tessier and The All-Stars Stars seem to find a home in space.” - Marc Clarkin, Motif Magazine 2018

“It’s rare that an album name sells a mood so well as David Tessier’s Dreams in Hyperspace. Crunchy synths, metal-inspired guitar riffing and rapid-fire drumming give way in turn to gentle, swelling, thoughtful ballads like “Hey Mary.” Tessier’s harmonized vocals traverse the sometimes-unruly, sometimes-majestic backing music. Somewhere between Queen and King Crimson, deep into hyperspace you’ll find the sound that Tessier has managed to lock down so well.” – DS  - Motif Magazine 2019

“Wires… is a Prog-Rock Masterpiece” - John Fuzek, Motif Magazine 2020


“David Tessier and the All-Star Stars are always a great time live, whether they are performing their own stuff or doing a few themed tribute sets to bands such as The Monkees. It’s been a while since I’ve seen them live, but back in 2018 I described them as somewhere between an intergalactic hybrid of Radiohead meets E.L.O. with a nod to ‘70s Pink Floyd. Seems about right to my foggy memory.” – MC - Motif Magazine Sept 2021

What people are saying about David Tessier's All-Star Stars:

"Hip! Great Cats!" - Mike DiPippo

"Pat and I went to last night's show (West Greenwich, RI) and it ROCKED. We will be back on April 8." - Elaine Bentley Baughn

"Three sets, great show! :-)  Looking forward to seeing the band in a couple of months." - Carol Madden

“Probably the best cover band I've ever seen! The harmonies and song selection are incredible. So good!!” - Dan Ulmschneider 

“The best band of the night!! Love the music you play! Such a surprise when you played the last song of the night!! Donald and I loved it!!” - Sherry Clarke

"Thanks for the great tunes!" - John Fuzek 

"This band will blow your mind!" - Tavern on the Hill

"Great vocal harmonies"

"The best cover band around"


"3 sets, great show!"

"Great tunes"

"If you're looking for a cover band, you're absolutely out of your f&$$&in' mind if you don't contact David Tessier"

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