0.    STAGE AREA:
The Artist requires a minimum stage area of 32’-0”Wx 20’-0”D x 2’-0”H with one (1) 8’-0” x
8’-0” x 1’-0”/1’-6” DRUM riser. Artist shall be notified at least fourteen (14) days prior to engagement if modifications must be made.
Stages over 2’-0” in height require a ramp AND stairs for stage access and loading equipment. Stairs should be located either Stage left or right and the ramp preferably on the upstage.
Outdoor stages should have adequate roofing and/or covering to completely cover the performing area.

    0.    LOAD IN/LOAD OUT:
Artist shall be provided site access of engagement for the purpose of setting up equipment no less than six hours prior to the start of the performance. A complete sound check shall be permitted. Purchaser agrees to notify Artist no less than forty-eight (48) hours in advance if the time previously arranged for load in or load out of Artist equipment is to be changed.


    •    A minimum of one (1) Single Phase, 120VAC, 60Hz, 30 Amp Circuit and distribution as shown on the
stage plot for onstage equipment. This circuit should not be shared with any other equipment, appliances
or lighting.

    •    Sufficient power and distribution on a separate service than the lighting to fully power the Main Speaker and Monitor systems.

    •    Thirty-two (32) Channel Balanced Input Analog or Digital FOH Console w/Aux Sends and FX Returns

    •    Twenty-Four(24)Channel Balanced Input Analog or Digital Monitor Console

    •    Three (3) Individual Monitor Mixes w/ 1/3 Octave EQ for each mix. (Wedges should house at least one
15” Subwoofer and one 2” Driver preferably bi-amped)

    •    Six (6) Monitor Wedges. (One per performer.)    

    •    Sufficient Three-Way Main Speaker system to maintain 100dB of clear full range sound from 40Hz to
18kHz throughout the listening area with all required crossovers, processing, compression, limiting and
EQ. (Meyer, EAW or Equivalent)

    •    FOH mix position should be located centered within the audience area not less than 1⁄2 the distance of the depth of the house and no more than 2/3 the distance or 150’-0” feet from the lip of the stage.

    •    Two (2) High quality reverb units or Plugins (Yamaha SPX990, Lexicon PCM 80 or equivalent)

    •    One (1) Professional Quality CD Player, located at Front of House for playback (Confirm at Advance)

    •    Microphones, Direct Boxes, cabling and stands as required in the input list.

    •    All Audio snakes, Cabling, power amps, processing, and cable ramps for a complete system.

    •    If Artist is NOT contracted to provide engineer(s), Purchaser will provide competent engineers who are to
be the same engineers for sound check as well as performances.

    •    All labor required to load-in, setup and load-out the audio equipment.


    •    Sound check should be completed one hour prior to opening the doors to audience. Artist reserves the right to hold doors until sound check is complete.


    •    A professional lighting system with sufficient lighting instruments, trusses, lifts and/or stands to provide a
minimum of four (4) full stage, dimmable color washes from both Down Stage and Upstage (a suggested
lighting plot can be provided if requested).

    •    One (1) follow spot to be located at the Front of House (w/ R33 No Color Pink in one frame) with an

    •    All Control consoles, cabling, color media, power distribution and safeties to provide a complete lighting system. 

    •    All labor required to load-in, setup, focus and load-out the lighting equipment.

    •    If Artist is NOT contracted to provide a Lighting Designer, Purchaser will provide a Competent Lighting
technician to call focus, operate the lighting system and cue the follow spot operator.

    •    Sufficient Power and distribution on a separate service than the audio service to fully operate the lighting system at 0 to 100% intensity.


    •    A minimum of one (1), preferably two (2), lockable and secure dressing room(s) (or motor home) with
electrical outlets, full length mirrors and comfortable seating for seven (7) people traveling with musical equipment, near the stage. Dressing rooms should have access to bathroom facilities that are private and/or not accessible by the public. In hotel situations, an additional sleeping (or hospitality) room, or nearby meeting room (preferably with bathroom facilities); can often serve as a dressing room.

    •    If the dressing area is located more than 30’-0” from the stage, one 8’-0” x 8’-0” pipe and drape/quick change booth or similar shall be provided adjacent or directly behind the stage with one full length mirror, one 6’-0” table, one 4’-0” wide coat rack and adequate lighting in addition to the dressing area listed in Section 5.A above.

    •    Purchaser to provide adequate security for Artist personnel, instruments, equipment, vehicles, etc. from load-in until completion of load-out.


A. At the start of load-in twenty-four (24) bottles of Non-Sparkling water are to be provided to the artist or 

artist’s personnel.
B. Seven (7) clean cloth towels are required on the stage prior to the start of the show.
C. Prior to show: one (1) hot sit down meal for the artist, stage manager, all contracted musicians in the band, 

engineers and Lighting designer (if contracted by artist) is to be provided (up to a total of eleven, 11). The meal should include a salad, entrée, fresh vegetables, dessert and iced tea, soft drinks and coffee (with milk, cream and sugar). NO FAST FOOD PLEASE!!! 



DW, Sonar, Yamaha (Recording Preferred), Premier or equivalent Six Piece Drum Maple or Birch set consisting of:
1 – 22” Bass Drum
1 – Kick Pedal 

1 – 5.5” x 14” Snare (w/ Stand) 1 – 10” Rack Tom
1 – 12” Rack Tom
1 – 14” Floor Tom 

1 – 16” Floor Tom
1- 14” Hi-Hat (2 Cymbals, heavy duty stand and pedal)
1 – 16” Crash Cymbal (w/ Stand and boom)
1 – 18” Crash Cymbal (w/ Stand and boom)
1 – 20”+ Ride Cymbal (w/ Stand and boom)
1 – Spare 5.5” x 14” Snare (w/ Stand)
1 – Spare Kick Pedal
1 – Spare Bass Drum Head
1 – Adjustable Throne
All Drum Heads should be either NEW or MINIMALLY worn.
All necessary stands, mounting hardware and drum rugs to be provided. 


1 – Acoustic B300H or Ampeg SVT3PRO Head or Equivalent 1 – Acoustic B810 or Ampeg 8 x 10 Cabinet or Equivalent
1 – Fender American Precision Bass
1 – Guitar Stands or one Multi-stand 

2 – 30’ Guitar Cable
All necessary cables and connections for a complete system to be provided. 


2 – 61 key USB Keyboard controllers (Arturia KeyLab, M-Audio Oxygen 61 or equivalent) 

2 – Keyboard Stands (X-Brace Type)
2 – Damper Pedals (Spoon Type)
2 – Volume Pedals (Yamaha FC7 or equivalent)
1 – Keyboard Amplifier with 4 inputs (Roland KC-350, Peavey KB4, Crate KXB100 or equivalent) or a 

line Mixer with Amplifier and 12" two-way cabinet
1 – Lot of cables (midi, 1⁄4”, power etc. for connecting Keyboards to House systems and any additional 

keyboard amplifiers). Please have spare 1⁄4” cables on hand.  


2 – Fender Twin Reverbs or equivalent tube amplifier. (please make sure spare tubes are onsite!) 

1 – Fender American Telecaster, setup with Ernie Ball Super Slinky (.009) Strings
2 – Gibson Les Paul Standard , setup with Ernie Ball Super Slinky (.009) Strings (NO Epiphone or Gibson Copies). 

1 – Acoustic Steel 6 String Guitar w/ piezo pickup (Takamine, Martin, Taylor or equivalent)
1 – Acoustic Steel 12 String Guitar w/piezo pickup (Takamine, Martin, Taylor or equivalent)
3 – 3 position guitar stand (Fender Multi-guitar case or Quicklok 3 Slot Guitar Stand)
6 – 30’ Guitar Cables 

6 – Shure or Sennheiser Vocal Microphones with boom stands


Latin Percussion, Meinl, or equivalent

1 - 10” Conga 

1 - 11”-12” Conga

1 - Bongo set (6.75” & 8”)

1 - Wind Chimes

1 - Cowbell

1 - Wood Blocks (or equivalent)

1 - Tambourine

1 - Percussion table 

All appropriate stands and hardware

Backline Technician competent in setup and tear down of all provided equipment is to be onsite while artist and/or artist’s personnel are onstage. 

We realize that not all venues and facilities will be able to meet the minimum requirements listed above due to size, schedule or other reasons, please contact David Tessier 401-241-1636, two (2) weeks prior to the engagement to discuss any changes and/or substitutions that may be required. 

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